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When purchasing a rebuild from us, you get the complete job done.  We don’t ask you to risk damaging components by stripping parts off before shipping (other than the exhaust manifold). We ask for the complete engine which allows us to fully inspect all components to ensure they are in great operating condition.  For example, on the 2-Stroke engines we are able to test your oil pump and install new oil lines fully primed.  On the 4-Tec’s, we are able to rebuild your oil pumps and recondition the pump housings if necessary.  It also allows us to install all the components within the magneto housings and ensure everything is timed right and at the proper torque.  The best part is that it gets returned to you fully assembled, ready for the exhaust manifold to be installed and then lowered back into your hull.

All of these engine prices are based on receiving a Rebuildable Core Engine from you, and then rebuilding it for you.  If you do not have a rebuildable core, you can check out our ‘No Core Required’ section to see if we have the engine you need there.

What is a rebuildable core?

Shipping your core.

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