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OptiMate 4 Dual (0.8 Amps)

OptiMate 4 Dual (0.8 Amps)



OptiMate 4 Dual (0.8 Amps)

OptiMate 4, the acclaimed battery saving charger and maintainer, has become the new reference in motorcycle battery care due to its advanced micro processor system. The latest version is set to enhance that reputation even further! OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM includes further advancements in battery recovery and testing AND a 2nd program that automatically charges and tests through the 12V port on motorcycles fi tted with CAN-bus. KEYLESS activation and unsupervised long term battery care.

• Multi-stage desulfation saves neglected batteries
• Optimises battery power and life
• Safe long term battery care
• Charge battery DIRECT or via CAN-bus
• TEST at start and TEST every hour

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