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Shipping Your Core

When shipping us your core engine, we ask that you remove the exhaust manifold, but otherwise leave the rest of the core engine intact to prevent damaging any components in the event you do not have to correct tools to disassemble properly.

For 2-Strokes we ask that you include the magneto housing, cover and all components inside.  We also ask for the oil pump and intake manifold to be included.  That is requested so that we can test your oil pump and install new oil injection lines.  It also makes it easier to reinstall when returned

For the 4-Tec engines we ask that you also send the PTO cover and Secondary Oil Pump so that the Water Pump seals can be changed and the oil pumps can be reconditioned.  We also offer Supercharger Rebuilding services separately if needed.

For Fuel Injected models, we ask that you include the fuel injectors (still on the fuel rail or separate) so that they and be cleaned and flow tested.

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If you are looking for ATV / UTV, Bike or Snowmobile parts that you don't see listed yet, you now have the option to browse the catalog of one of our industry partners.  Using the link below you can have parts shipped to the store for pickup, or directly to your door (available to Canadian residents only).

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